RF Badminton Club (RFBC) was established in 2013 with a single objective to move children and adults through physical activities. Overtime, it developed numerous passionate badminton players through its children training program and adults club play. About 30 young athletes, 8 years of age and up, get training in one of it’s two locations in the Junior Development or Introduction to Competition streams. During the club play, there are about 40 adults participate. 

RFBC runs annual badminton tournament to promote the sport and encourage healthy competitions. Players from Ottawa, Montreal, and Toronto regions participate in various categories.  

RFBC also initiated Ottawa Badminton League in 2017, with the support and participation from other badminton clubs in Ottawa. This league has a format of 4-player teams and currently over 50 players from different clubs are participating in the league games.


RF Badminton Club


The Raindrop Foundation Badminton Club moves children and adults through physical activities such as the amazing sport of badminton and enjoys a special club sponsorship with Li-Ning. The sponsorship provides our organization with a number of benefits to help us successfully operate our badminton program. Li-Ning offers badminton players a huge range of badminton rackets so be sure to visit their website to research what badminton racket may be right for you. 

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2019 Club Tournament